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EIF staff are expert users of DUG's Insight seismic data processing software provided by DownUnder Geosolutions.  This powerful suite drives our processing of land, marine and OBN datasets.  It includes the latest and most advanced methods for broadband processing and imaging in time and depth domains.

When bespoke or specialist algorithms and software are needed, EIF cherry-picks from across the industry.  We license geometry and statics packages from Extremegeo (Flatirons),GeoMage, and Claritas.


Marine and OBN


High performance compute

EIF accesses almost limitless processing power through DUG McCloud.  As well as being one of the world's largest HPC networks, DUG McCloud is also one of the most energy efficient HPC systems in operation.

The DUG McCloud platform allows us to deliver customised solutions using DUG's high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS).

Our Insight software licences are designed to exploit the features of DUG McCloud architecture, dramatically reducing throughput times on traditionally high-usage applications like least-squares-RTM and high-frequency-FWI Imaging. 

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