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Depth domain velocity modelling with FWI

Understanding and resolving seismic data imaging challenges

"We are all really excited by the results of EIF's re-processing.    I think its an astonishing uplift and just as interesting for me to try to explain."

- VP Geoscience    

EIF - Seismic Data Processing


High-end technology, very experienced geophysicists, committed to quality and service

  • Full high-end service offering

  • Streamer, OBN, Land, Hybrid, 2D, 3D, 4D, HiRes

  • Pre-processing, Velocity Modelling, FWI-Imaging

  • Large variety of exciting project experience

  • Technical skills and knowledge

  • Experienced in most geological settings around the world

"EIFGEOSOLUTIONS has processed our shallow water dataset to our greatest satisfaction, using the latest Pre-stack depth migration technology and high-end shallow water demultiple, which provided clarity in the image and a better understanding of the subsurface."

- Processing Manager      

 "The project was broadband reprocessing from field tapes in a very difficult area with shallow multiples and structural complexity. The staff at EIF delivered to a very high standard and within the timescale that was agreed."
- Managing Director 
“The high-level understanding of the software and its application allowed us to explore new workflows in model building. We look forward to working with EIF on future projects.”
- Processing Director
“EIF reprocessing and imaging of several land surveys from field data in the full range of tectonic environments was delivered on time to a very high standard. We look forward to working with EIF on future projects.”
- Principal Geophysicist 

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